Ever get too close to something to see it for what it truly is? Sometimes you need a partner who can gather and evaluate other points of view.

From focus groups to Out of Focus Groups®, we put research in its place: to help you create more remarkable products, distinctive brands, engaged customers, compelling communications, attractive packaging and connected employees.


From 1x1 interviews to discussions with groups of reasonable size (not to be confused with Rodents Of Unusual Size, for you Princess Bride fans) At a facility, online, in their homes, where they shop, eat, work or play…


Surveys and other things that count

Quali-Quant Hybrids

The research equivalent of a Labradoodle, but not quite as cute

Creative Development and Testing

Packaging ◆ new products ◆ copy ◆ names ◆ taglines ◆ positioning statements ◆ advertising ◆ brand ◆ user experience

People, Brands & Products

Our clients are a mix of creative agencies, marketers and fellow research entities. Some are U.S.-based, others come for perspective on the U.S. market.

We’ve spoken with thousands of people in the U.S., Canada and UK about a wide range of products, services and ideas. Whether they shop at high-end boutiques, dollar stores or online, we pride ourself on finding ways to make people of all backgrounds comfortable sharing their feelings and opinions.

We’ve worked on some of the world’s leading consumer brands, either directly or through their agencies (research, marketing, design, branding, advertising). We work with trade associations and not-for-profits. This diverse experience enables us to draw connections between seemingly unrelated areas. We believe that seeing beyond one’s own purview facilitates deeper insights and allows better creative ideas to emerge. We feel fortunate that we’ve have had the opportunity to feast on a smorgasbord of topics and brands that touch so many aspects of so many people’s lives.

If you’re a brand manager, insights director, creative director, marketing VP or C-level executive looking for external perspectives on your brand, products or services, we should talk.

Recent Speaking Engagements

“Tapping into the Creative Storytelling Processes of Broadway and Hollywood”
QRCA Annual Conference (co-presented with Dina Shulman), Jan. 2017.

QRCA Views Podcast
(interviewed with Pascal Patenaude by Mike Carlon), Dec. 2016. Listen here.

The Value of a Humorous Mindset
Social Intrapreneurship: Driving Systems Change from Within (breakout session), Nov. 2016.

“The Unplanned Symphony: Using Improv to Tune Into Yourself and Others for the Benefit of Your Work and Your Life”
QRCA Intl. Conference (co-presented with Pascal Patenaude), Apr. 2016.

Session on Out of Focus Groups™
QRCA San Francisco Bay Area Chapter, Mar. 2016.

Even data on wine shipments can be engaging with a little humor
ShipCompliant, May 2011. Watch here.


Marc has consistently demonstrated to me and my team that he knows how to go deeper to find the meaning behind the data. … Marc takes the time with the client at the beginning of the job to dig into the what and the why behind the project. It allows Marc to be able to adjust on the fly during the consumer target interviews. It takes skill, professionalism, an understanding of nuance, a sense of humor, patience and perseverance to be effective in this field. Marc's a real pro, a great partner, and I trust the information that comes out of his work. I couldn't recommend him higher.

Director, Creative Services, Sony Computer Entertainment America

In addition to the great work you did as a moderator, your background in comedy added a whole other level.

Director of Strategy, Landor Associates on a project for Hallmark

Marc is a very unique researcher in that he thinks critically, analytically, and creatively to solve my business issues. I think Marc’s greatest attribute as a moderator is his ability to relate to everyone. For example, I saw him go from moderating a group of women who were buying beer for their spouses to moderating a group of men who are beer drinkers with a bat of his eye. Both groups felt immediately comfortable with Marc and shared their thoughts and experiences candidly. He was able to adjust his mannerisms & tone to fit with the group dynamics.

Insights Manager–Shopper/Channel, MillerCoors

Not only is Marc a pleasure to work with, but he approaches each study with energy, charisma, and a keen interest. … He has provided consistent high quality research with an array of moderating techniques, while customizing methodology, analyses and deliverables to fit with our research needs. He thinks quickly and is able to adjust his technique and line of questioning in real time to respond to the teams’ requests. … Marc has demonstrated an excellent ability to work with female and male focus group participants of different age and cultural backgrounds, making each feel comfortable to share their opinions.

Consumer Insights Manager, Lactalis American Group

Marc has that rare ability as a researcher to combine the ability to extract critical insights while being able to understand how they impact mission-critical business initiatives. While working with Marc, I was impressed with deep knowledge of research methodologies and he provided deep rationale for an approach to meeting my client’s objectives. … Marc created a very comfortable environment, utilizing a combination of humor and wit that established an environment that made even the most difficult participants express their feelings. He is expedient, organized, sharp and above all, accountable. Anyone can get information, but the key is synthesizing that into insights, and Marc is excellent into distilling what people say into what they MEAN, and that's a big difference.

Vice President, Demand Generation, Tendo Communications