Portfolio: Food & Beverages

  • Mothers about cheese, milk and yogurt
  • Adults about a wide-range of wine (from Two Buck Chuck to high-end Champagne) and beer (from Keystone Light to microbrews): what they like, how they shop for it, how it’s packaged and sold, where it’s from, when/where/how they consume it
  • Sommeliers, food & beverage directors, and wine buyers about perceptions of wines from around the world (France, Italy, California, Washington, Oregon, Spain, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Chile, Argentina)
  • African-Americans about beer advertising
  • A wide range of people about packaging for coconut water, iced tea, candy bars, eggs, rice
  • Kentuckians about Bourbon
  • Port lovers about Port
  • Dieters about low-calorie wines
  • Parents and single people about frozen pizza
  • Restaurant-goers about menus and take-out offerings

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