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All original material, developing a one-man show, Marc Engel: An Unauthorized Autobiography

Emcee/Opening Act/Headliner/Keynote

Charity/Fundraising, Corporate, Jewish, Educational events


Scripts, speeches, essays, short stories, copy, parody songs

Humor Enhancer

Presentations, speeches, scripts

Voice Actor—commercial and animation

Marc Engel: An Unauthorized Autobiography

My tale is your typical…boy-meets-comedy-at-18 . . . wins-competitions-and-is-hired-to-perform-at-clubs-campuses-and-festivals . . . goes-to-L.A.-to-pursue-comedy-and-law . . . showcases-at-clubs-and-coffeehouses . . .writes-a-screenplay-and-passes-the-Bar . . . joins-improv-troupe-with-Kristen-Wiig . . . is-promised-an-agent-and-auditions-in-voiceover-class . . . becomes-disillusioned-with-Hollywood-when-promises-fall-through . . . gets-married-and-moves-to-San-Francisco-and-takes-break-from-performing . . . rediscovers-comedy-as-asset-to-qualitative-research-and-business-conferences . . . begins-performing-again-at-business-Jewish-and-charity-events…story. Cliché, I know.

Performance Highlights

Rebbe Soul concert
Opening Act, Angelica’s, Redwood City, CA.

“The Unauthorized Autobiography: Taking a Humorous Look at Life, Including Your Own” Teacher/Performer, Limmud Bay Area (Jewish learning conference and festival), Sonoma, CA.

“Purim Punch and Comedy”
Headliner, Peninsula Temple Sholom, Burlingame, CA.

“What’s So Funny ’bout Marketing Research?”
Headliner, Puget Sound Marketing Research Forum, Seattle, WA.

QRCA Annual Awards Luncheon
Emcee, QRCA Annual Conference, New Orleans, LA.

ShipCompliant DIRECT Symposium
Emcee, Comedy Hour with Will Durst, Napa, CA.

“The Magic of Laughter, an Evening of Smiles”
Headliner, Bi-Cultural Day School, Stamford, CT.

Wine Industry Financial Symposium Dinner
Headliner, Napa, CA.

Opening Act for Rabbi Bob Alper
Peninsula Temple Sholom, Burlingame, CA. Watch here.

I've Performed With

Performed in 2 improv/sketch troupes with Kristen Wiig

Performed live on KCET (L.A.) with Shelley Berman

Opened for Rabbi/Comedian Bob Alper

Introduced Will Durst at a wine industry event

Three of my parody songs have aired on The Howard Stern Show

Opened for Tom Kenny, voice of SpongeBob SquarePants

Was the featured act at a charity fundraiser hosted by Alan Kalter, announcer for Late Show with David Letterman


If you were only sharp, funny and real, that would’ve been enough. But you were profound. You have given people an unforgettable experience. You were personal, genuine, and super funny with a very strong message.

Liki Abrams, co-chair, Limmud Bay Area Conference/Festival

Need a great comic for a corporate function? Talk to Marc. Pay him. Pay him well. See how funny he is and what an asset he will be to your program.

Peter Switzer, Principal, ClearSight Qualitative Research

Your performance made the evening about more than money.

Bob Zitter, former Chief Technology Officer, HBO

He truly connects with his audience, while respecting their intelligence. He knows how to be funny and playful but never crosses the line or is unprofessional. He is not just another comedian.

Anya Zadrozny, Principal, Anya Z Media

Marc has the ability to move a group or audience through many complicated topics, seamlessly using humor and personal connections. His speaking style seems extemporaneous, but it is clear that he has done his homework to get to know the audience's interests, and connect people in a crowd so we all feel like neighbors (and neighbors feel like friends).

Dr. Susan Korbel, Owner, Core Research

Yesterday was incredibly motivating for me. I was kind of stuck and needed some direction on how to accomplish my goals. You provided above and beyond expectation by your insightful questions, specific humor suggestions, and generic ``how to`` incorporate the humor. You not only ``gave me the fish,`` but taught me how to fish. I also sensed a great deal of support from you for what I am attempting to accomplish.

Dr. Miriam L. Zimmerman, Professor Emerita, Notre Dame de Namur University

Hats off to the brilliant Paul Miller, with whom I’ve had the honor to partner on cartoon ideas over the years, including this one and one of the many that will adorn the “Neologism of the Day” page on my blog.

This shirt will change your mindset from “WTF?” to “What If?” just by wearing it!

(The attorney side of Marc fervently objects to the statement above as hyperbolic and potentially misleading. Neither Marc Engel, Esq., Engel Research Partners LLC, CafePress (where you can buy the shirt), nor any other self-respecting person or entity makes any legal claims or warranties about the attitudinal changes that may or may not occur by wearing this shirt or other similar items. Nevertheless, if you like it, who am I to stop you from buying one!)

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