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I am a marketing research and communications professional who’s also a writer and comedian. Thank you for visiting my site!

(with inspiration from—and apologies to—INXS and Dylan)
Thank you, Jeff Shelton, for filming and editing this piece.

My passion is to connect and empower. I use humor and compassion to empathize with others, truly understand them, and link ideas not previously connected, drawing out insights and stimulating new ways of thinking. Whether advising clients or performing comedy, I help people gain fresh perspectives. 

About Me in 199 words

I began my careers in research and comedy while I was in college. (Reagan was still president.) My research roots are in quantitative, but I branched out into qualitative 15 years ago, and I’m a better researcher (and comedian) because of it. My comedy roots are in stand-up and writing, but I branched out into improv nearly 20 years ago, and I’m a better person and researcher (and better comedian) because of it. As a counter-balance to the fun and creativity, I’m also a member of the California Bar.

If academic pedigree were as prized as a canine’s, my degrees from Cornell and UCLA and year at Oxford might qualify me for the Westminster Kennel Club. But, my best education has come outside the classroom. The animating principle in my life is discovering and honoring the common humanity and dignity that reside within each of us. I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with, and performing for, thousands of people from all walks of life. I’m enriched by the diversity of perspectives I’ve heard, and I’m heartened whenever I witness the kindness and generosity of spirit that recognizes the shared needs, wants, values, fears and motivations that make us human.

Marc has an amazing gift to connect with people across boundaries (cultural, religious, age/life-stage), with empathy lying at the heart of it all. He transcends and deep dives into the essence of humanity, exploring complex issues through humor. He brings to life the things that connect us as people—it’s a perspective rooted in love and possibility. It is this understanding woven with humor that will move you, connect you, and get you to laugh with a child-like spirit!

Marta Villanueva, audience member, Chief Insights Officer, NuThinking, Inc.

Recent Events

Catch me if you can. Watch/read me if you missed!

Cornell University – October 2017. Ithaca, NY

Honored to return to my alma mater as Guest Lecturer in the Art+Science course (DEA 1200). More details to follow…

Thank You, Steven Spielberg

How should we treat each other? Is tolerance enough? What about understanding?
Or acceptance? Respect? Or is it something else? Read about a discussion started when I worked for Mr. Spielberg in my latest (and first!) post on

IIeX2017 – June 12-14. Atlanta, GA

Grateful to have moderated a track on “Startup Stories” and performed comedy, opening for Led Zappilin and Second City! You can watch the show here.

 A lot of revelers networking in the background, so it’s a little hard to hear at times…but a great event!

Southern California Chapter – June 16, 2017.
Santa Monica, CA

“Tapping into the Creative Storytelling Processes of Broadway and Hollywood”
Co-presenting with Dina Shulman

- October 18, 2017

Great piece, great advice from @JBroomeResearch for us solo flyers, even if we've been at it for awhile. Congrats o…
h J R

- October 17, 2017

Honored to guest-lecture @Cornell on The Art+Science of Humor. TY, @mardellesh, James Westwater. Good Qs, class. Great 2B back on campus!
h J R

- October 11, 2017

With this prez, probably best not to use verbs like "tap."
h J R

- September 20, 2017

RT @SenFranken: Help sound the alarm. New GOP health care bill to repeal the ACA is gaining steam. My response:
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